Inter-company training of apprentices in skilled crafts and trades

Gefördert durch Europäischen Fonds in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The inter-company training (ÜLU) division supports vocational training in crafts and trades enterprises. Throughout their years of training, apprentices complete courses that have been specified by their respective chamber of crafts as compulsory courses. In general, during the weeks of apprenticeship training, special skills are imparted or deepened, something for which many smaller firms lack the capacity to achieve. The state helps to finance the courses with funds from the European Social Fund as well as the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Both the cost of training courses and the associated costs of the accommodation of the trainees during the inter-company training are funded. The courses are conducted in the educational institutions of the chambers of crafts or vocational training institutions recognized by the chambers. Applicants for funding from the state are the chambers of crafts in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Evelyn Nadollek [mehr] Elke Wiese-Wahls [mehr] Ramona Koslowski [mehr] Nicole Kröger [mehr] Melanie Gercke [mehr] Sabine Koebe [mehr] Petra Henning [mehr]