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Because Mecklenburg-West Pomerania cannot do without really good business ideas, innovative and promising projects should not, if possible, fail on account of a lack of start-up capital in the first few months of their existence. Start-up grants are awarded to assist with living costs. They are primarily aimed at graduates from colleges and universities that go into business for themselves after their studies with a scientific-technical idea for a new product or service.

What is funded?Grants for living expenses for founders of an innovative, technology-oriented company
Who can receive funding?
  • Business founders from universities, research institutions, technology centres and businesses, especially graduates and academic staff up to five years after graduating from university

  • Founders of start-ups that have a vocational qualification and at least three years of relevant professional practice

  • Basically, the corporate purposes of the foundations have to be new products or services, in particular those based on scientific and technical knowledge. 

  •  The main residence of the founder and the place of business must be located in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.
How much funding is available?
  • €1,200 a month (€1,400 for a founder with a PhD) for a period not exceeding 18 months

  • Additionally, a children's allowance amounting to €100 per child and month can be granted
How can the funding be applied for?

The prerequisite for the application is a jury's vote on the business concept. You can request to form for submitting the corporate concept here.

Only when the jury of experts has voted in favour of the concept may the founders submit a written request for a start-up grant.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Elke Wiese-Wahls [more]

Melanie Gercke [more]

Sabine Koebe [more]

Further information

Information on additional conditions for funding and the procedure can be found in the Directive on the promotion of innovative, technology-based and knowledge-based start-ups through subsidies for living expenses (start-up grant) (pdf)

Leaflet on start-up grants

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