Expert opinions

The GSA can, on request, issue expert opinions for potential founders, in order to apply for starting subvention as per §§ 57, 58 SGB III, start-up money as per §§ 16 section 2 & 29 SGB II and also services as per § 102 section 3 No. 1 Sozialgesetzbuch – Neuntes Buch – (SGB IX) (i.e. German social code volume 9) in conjunction with § 21 Schwerbehinderten – Ausgleichsabgabeverordnung (SchwbAV) (i.e. Compensatory dues regulation for severely disabled persons). A check and assessment of the foundation plan is associated with the issuing of the expert opinion, which especially concentrates on the basic feasibility of the plan, on the plan-relevant personnel-related prerequisites, on the marketability of the services being offered, and on the economic viability.

Complete documents for the foundation plan (foundation concept) and information regarding personal and functional eligibility (professional CV, qualification certificates, required permissions) must be provided for issuing the expert opinion. Other documents relevant for evaluation can be required in individual cases.

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